Who's Who in When Comes

Herr Doctor – also Dr. Henry Weinstock, a scientist at SLERP
Julie, Brenda, Fred – graduate students of Herr Doctor at SLERP - 1
Aliss Elizabeth Weinstock – Herr Doctor’s daughter, also known as Ali E.
Whu – an intelligent creature from another universe called Wheir
Martha Weinstock – his wife
Ginny – Aliss Elizabeth’s girl friend
Mr. Cicatelli – gardener
Sergeant Sheila Collins – Cambridge policewoman
Neal – carpenter
Paul Nelson – avuncular lawyer and Herr Doctor’s friend
Brianna Kaplan – reporter from Boston newspaper
Tim and Jeanne – flute sellers at River Fest - 7
Dearie - Caftan lady in rock shop – 7 (also in River Fest group)
SLERP – Sampson Laboratory for Extraterrestrial Physics, known as SLURP around campus
Dr. Milo Johnson – head of SLERP
Carol Heinze – Herr Doctor’s colleague at SLERP
Jim Trevor – Herr Doctor’s colleague at SLERP, a theorist
Jim Cook – duck boat tour operator who makes a deal with Herr Doctor - 14
Herbert Frankton – from Office of Naval Research
Richard Miller – FBI Agent, first appears in Chapter 16
Robert Bloom – First Officer on flight to NYC
Sally – flight attendant on flight
Roseanna – old friend of Herr Doctor, painter and labor activist in NYC - 18
Gabriella – sweatshop worker -18
Laetitia – a sweatshop worker-18
Dora – another sweatshop worker -18
Mrs. Kwan – sweatshop worker -18
Mrs. Cohen – sweatshop owner -19
Mr. Nichols – her lawyer -19
Stadwecht -- sweatshop forelady, the boss -19
Liz – one of a lesbian couple living in Westchester County who shelter Herr Doctor and Ali E. on the run, a former student of Herr Doctor -20
Anne – Liz’s companion, very butch, the boss of the two -20
Two town cops -21
Captain Thompson – commands soldiers sent to Cambridge to guard house and capture Herr Doctor