Physics according to Whu

Gravitational Perturbation Possibilities

  • Whu’s presence throws some gravitational rules out the window.
  • Whu’s presence exposes lack of harmony.  The music restores it, at least partially.
  • Lack of harmony causes gravitational perturbations.
  • Whets can handle these perturbations naturally and they enrich their lives.  The perturbations alert them to a lack of harmony.

The Whu Rules

  • Perturbations only occur in the close proximity of Whu.
  • Whu as an akua mana has the power to cause perturbations
  • Perturbations are proportional to the level of discord, lack of harmony among those present; Whu uses the perturbations to reveal the discord
  • Space-time becomes crenellated, and when the manifold warps, it becomes possible to jump from one point to another in time.  (That’s how Whu travels through space-time.)

 Mathematically speaking (for those with some Physics background):

Balance gradient = 0 = grad(God + Man + Nature), a conservation law

  • Nature is the physical world.  Man is the psychological.  God is what makes them work on Wheir.  Following Hawaiian lore, it is gods, not God.
  • Initially, to us earthlings, only the Nature part of the equation is obvious. 
  • Next, Whu helps us see the Man part. 
  • What does it take to bring in the God part?    Whu is an akua mana, and he supplies the gods part.  His presence knocks the equations out of kilter.  We previously saw this as

0 = grad (Nature)

Whu’s presence reveals the other two components, so if Man goes down, Nature goes up to preserve the conservation law.  By “man goes down” we mean lack of harmony.  All three have to work in harmony for the world to function properly.

Level set and the psychological constant:  Akin to a gravitational constant, there is a psychological constant which affects the level of interaction of the Man term.  The effects of this term only are evident in the presence of an akua.  How much they are present depends on the mana of the akua. Whu’s appearance causes effects of the term to become evident, something like how quantum effects become evident beyond classical physics when speeds become greater. 

Possible sticking points:

  • What’s keeping Herr Doctor’s house tilted?  Answer: gradient term.
  • Why does it settle down in Kneeling House at end:  Answer:  Whu leaves. 
  • Why does it straighten out by Chapter 10?  Answer: What’s to say it’s straightened out there?  Besides, Whu leaves to return home.  His cave helps.